Letter to the Editor: State Infrastructure Funding Needs to Find its Way to Peekskill

My name is Jesenia Morocho. I am a 12th-grader in Peekskill High School. We have been discussing certain topics in class and are concerned about Peekskill’s infrastructure, advocating for pedestrian safety and by working with local government.

A recent article that has contributed to this idea was entitled “Infrastructure Projects Worth $306B Will Help NY’s Economic Recovery: Cuomo.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo promoted the $306 billion in planned infrastructure projects around New York and he stated it would revitalize the economy after COVID-19 shut down businesses and non-essential construction. Some projects are for upstate and will improve and renew highways, roads and bridges.  

The plans described in his address showcased Cuomo’s firm focus on infrastructure, saying that “building with bricks and mortar also builds public optimism and confidence.” 

Hopefully, some of this money has been earmarked for fixing the infrastructure in Peekskill.

Jesenia Morocho