Letter to the Editor: Sensible Development One of the Main Goals of Cortlandt United Slate

Hello fellow residents of the Town of Cortlandt, my name is Tom Walsh and I am a candidate for Cortlandt Town Board.

I have been a Cortlandt resident for the past 12 years and truly feel blessed to have this wonderful community to call home and raise my family. I am married to my amazing wife, Meghan (O’Sullivan) Walsh, and we have two children, Tommy and Maggie who attend the Hendrick Hudson School District. We also share our home with our two rescue dogs, Molly and Irish; no home or outfit is complete without a little dog hair!

For the past 23 years I have been employed by a national building code consulting firm in New York City as the executive vice president and director of New York operations. I have worked on thousands of development and construction projects during my tenure. I have successfully led my division through the dot.com bubble, Great Recession and now managing us through the pandemic while growing and keeping my employees healthy and safe. My company manages cutting the red tape and steering new developments to fruition. I hope to accomplish this task as one of your elected Town Board members.

For the past four years I have been a member of the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals, and this year I joined the newly-formed North Cortlandt Visionary Committee. Both committees have given me the opportunity to grow my knowledge of our town government and apply my experience and skills to move projects forward in our great community.

I am enthusiastically running as part of the Cortlandt United slate of candidates. We have been fully endorsed by the Republican and Conservative parties. I share the slate with Laurie Ryan, who is running for town supervisor, Warren Smith who is running with me for Town Board, Kylie Fitzgerald Bernard for town clerk, Peter Marengo for receiver of taxes and Robert Chapnick for town justice.

One of our main goals is to encourage sensible new development and support growth of our existing businesses. We are looking to further streamline the town approval process for businesses to open and grow faster in our community. Throughout these ever-changing times we are striving to keep our families healthy, happy and safe.

I look forward to meeting as many people within our community over the next several months and for years to come. If you see me around town or on the train, please come talk to me. I am here to listen and hopefully will be able to assist in any way I can.

We are a community, and as a community we all must do our part in making the Town of Cortlandt the best place to live and raise our children.

I can be reached at tom@vote4tomwalsh.com, www.vote4tomwalsh or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @vote4tomwalsh.

Follow Cortlandt United at www.cortlandtunited.town for all of the latest information about our other candidates and our schedule of community events.

Tom Walsh


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