Letter to the Editor: Putnam Democratic Party Chair Got it All Wrong at Legislature Meeting

When Scott Reing, chair of the Democratic Party for Putnam, spoke at the full county legislature meeting, I was surprised to hear my name invoked as an example of so-called disrespectful treatment by fellow Legislator Neal Sullivan, and doubly so when he reiterated the example in his letter to the editor found in five newspapers. 

It is a revelation to me that when a colleague agrees with my statements, it is considered disrespectful and rude to me. Not only did Legislator Sullivan agree with the point I made regarding a small wording change to the charter, but he reiterated the point, since unbeknownst to me, my microphone was not working. 

While I appreciate Mr. Reing looking out for my well-being, I am perfectly capable of defending myself against “friendly fire” meant to clarify and defend my point. Maybe in the future, Mr. Reing will call out a bully when he actually sees a bully on the legislature, like when a member throws out all the rules of order to take over the chamber for political purposes. 

Amy Sayegh
Putnam County Legislator, District 8