Letter to the Editor: Local Area an Example of Excellent and Poor Choices for Solar Power

Your reporting on solar energy progress in the Apr. 20-26 issue was a perfect example of the incredible potential of one solar energy project and the perplexing choices of another.

On the big plus side, I would like to commend Club Fit for its amazing rooftop solar array. What a perfect example of a smart business investment, an incredible use of a huge open space that gets direct sunlight and an amazing boon to our community by supplying power for 100 homes in the area. These are the types of business leaders we need for America’s future!

On the other end of the spectrum is your report about the Mount Kisco solar farm project rejection. With the number of huge rooftops, parking lots and other suitable open space in our town, it is quite perplexing that the developer, Sunrise Community Solar, would choose to cut down trees in a heavily wooded area to put up a ground-mounted solar array.

Thank you for your terrific reporting, and looking forward to more smart, sensible solar in Westchester’s future!

Pete Friedrich
Mount Kisco