Letter to the Editor: Levenberg Possesses the Skill Sets to Lead Ossining Into the Future

I am writing in support of re-electing Dana Levenberg as Ossining town supervisor. While Dana has a long list of accomplishments and credentials that make her outstanding at her job, I want to relate my observations of Dana’s performance from the vantage point of someone who sees her every day at the municipal building while performing my role as receiver of taxes.

Dana is a positive force, full of energy and ideas, and she works hard to solve problems as part of a team. Dana utilizes all resources at hand, consulting town committees, Town Board members and experts at the local, county and state levels of government to ensure she has all the facts and “opinions,” so she can confidently plant her feet and make the difficult decisions that she and the Town Board need to make.

As I often share with my friends and neighbors who discuss matters with me, “not all issues are so easy to solve – if they were, the job of supervisor would be easy, and you should apply.” Dana is a leader who stands tall among her municipal counterparts in the county. I have attended many county and state meetings with leaders that know Dana. She is clearly respected and has an enormous number of contacts that are anxious to work with her.

Dana is always willing to attend functions and to do the work. She leads by example. Dana co-founded the Ossining Micro Fund in 2004, which provides interest-free loans to help community members through emergency situations. Founding this type of organization and growing it as needs arise speaks to the character of a person who wants to help people in need.

I respect Dana’s integrity, professional presence, skill set, intellectual capacity and heart. Please join me in voting for Dana Levenberg for Ossining town supervisor in the Democratic primary on June 22.

Holly Perlowitz
Receiver of Taxes
Town of Ossining