Letter to the Editor: Future Development in Harrison Must Protect Town’s Green Spaces

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Over 60 years ago, the author Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring,” which documented the toxic environmental effects of indiscriminate use of pesticides. Although it was not her intention, she influenced the environmental movement as no one had before.

Thanks to Carson’s pioneering work, today we have a heightened awareness that preserving green spaces provides countless benefits to society, including extending people’s lives, boosting their mental health and enriching the community.

As we emerge from the terrible isolation caused by the pandemic, engaging with the beauty of nature will help us heal both mentally and physically. In Harrison, we are very fortunate to have access to beautiful, high-quality green spaces. But the pressure to allow development to encroach upon our green spaces grows every year.

What can we do in Harrison to protect them?

In considering this issue, we must be mindful of the long view – our decisions with respect to land use can have an irreversible impact on future generations. We cannot allow economic factors to predominate at the expense of all else.

As stewards of major new construction projects in Harrison, we should ensure that significant projects incorporate green building practices and preserve or enlarge our existing green spaces. A community-centered approach to protect and enhance our green spaces must be a high priority.

The Moving Harrison Forward team of Frank Gordon for mayor and Rachel Berkey and Adam Weiner for Town Board will protect and preserve our parks and green spaces, ensuring that financial interests do not overtake community values.

More information on the Moving Harrison Forward team can be found at www.movingharrisonforward.com.


Rachel Berkey

Candidate for Town Board

Moving Harrison Forward

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