Letter to the Editor: Feldman’s Thoughtful Approach to Governing is What Ossining Needs

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In a community as diverse as Ossining, to be an effective leader one must seek to understand the diverse lived experiences of all those who reside in this community.

An effective leader must be willing to engage in dialogue that offers opportunities for all stakeholders to have a seat at the table. Backdoor negotiations or cherrypicked committees that exclude the general public almost always inevitably backfire, creating further mistrust between constituents and local representatives, and in turn has created a deadlock in growth and moving our community forward in the positive direction it deserves. 

It’s no secret that when Ossining is united in its mission, we accomplish great things.

The Town of Ossining needs leadership that is capable of restoring trust and relationships with community members. A leader willing to seek guidance and input from beyond what and who they already know. Someone willing to take pause, to collect and examine all information and acknowledge that what they want personally may not be what is right for the whole.

As a resident of the unincorporated Town of Ossining, I must rely solely on the town supervisor and board for representation. A board by which the majority reside outside the jurisdiction they represent, making engagement with their unincorporated area constituents all the more important and necessary.

In my personal experience, Elizabeth “Liz” Miller Feldman is the only current board member to demonstrate the willingness to engage in difficult conversations on behalf of all of her constituents. While I have sometimes been exuberantly passionate in communicating issues of concern for the community that raised me and is now raising my children, Liz Feldman has remained poised in her approach and always listens and acknowledges my concerns by bringing them to the table.

For me the decision is simple. I support the candidate who represents me and who has demonstrated her possession of the qualities we should all seek in a representative. Poised strength to follow her convictions while engaging and listening to all points of view and making decisions based on what is right for the whole.

I support Elizabeth Feldman for town supervisor.

Marisa Santucci Caruso,

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