Letter to the Editor: Feldman is the Perfect Fit to Become Ossining Supervisor

Politics is not for the faint of heart – especially at the local level. One is often pitted against people you have known for years, often friends.

Liz Feldman has many friends, many colleagues, but no enemies. She even has a dog! (If you want a friend in politics, get one.) As a 30-year dental hygienist, she has gotten along with, worked with and calmed down anxious people from all walks of life, from all communities within our greater community.

Independence is a quality not always evident in a politician – independence of thought and action, independence from a mono-party hierarchy. But Liz always has an ear to the voices of the community. My friend Liz Feldman is accustomed to swimming against the tide to build her competence, sailing against the headwinds to prove her mettle. She is and has always been determined to the point of being a stubborn and a strong leader.

Despite her independent spirit, Liz is a supreme collaborator. Town supervisors cannot act alone. All major decisions are the result of agreement of the majority of the council.

With six years of experience, Liz has the most town council tenure of any recent candidate for supervisor, more than the incumbent, more than Donnelly, more than Borgia, more than Perillo, more than DeBar! Her council experience follows years of governing practice on the Board of Directors of the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. Especially as a former Commodore of the Club, Liz was instrumental in organizing diverse groups and coordinating with other members to save the club from the torpedoes aimed at it by the then-town supervisor. I was village mayor at the time. Liz even convinced me to join the club to lend my imprimatur to the cause. Thanks to Liz’s leadership, the club is today not only a revitalized reality, but it continues to stand as an abstract, not solely a physical entity.

The club has always been known as the working man’s and woman’s boat club and, as such, it has represented a broad swath of the population of Ossining since it was founded on Ossining’s then-industrial waterfront, over 100 years ago. Liz grew up far from that waterfront, in the town outside. She has raised her sons in the village. She knows both the town and the village and their population well and is well-liked and respected in both.

With her ingenuity, gusto and sense of humor, she is the perfect fit for Ossining’s polity. She will be a friendly face and an efficient leader for our Town.


William R. Hanauer

Mayor, Village of Ossining, 2007-2014


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