Letter to the Editor: Democrats Made a Mess of the Indian Point and the Area Will Suffer

Not only have Democrats made a complete mess of national issues like the Mexican border and building up unsustainable debt and deficits, but on the local level, Gov. Cuomo’s closing of Indian Point nuclear power plant will cause much higher electric bills, blackouts and more carbon emissions.

Democrats failed to stop the closing of the plant, which had a record-breaking 573 continuous days of safe operation, even though they control all local, county and congressional offices. Nita Lowey, former chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, was supposed to find a location to ship the many hundreds of tons of radioactive spent fuel rods, which she failed to accomplish. State Sen. Peter Harckham and Assemblywoman Sandy Galef failed to stop the closing. Local town officials failed to stop the closing, despite projections that the plant had many years left of useful life.

Democrats are supposed to be for a clean environment, yet now electric energy will be generated by fossil-fuel plants. Indian Point supplied more than 25 percent of the electricity for the entire New York metropolitan area, now replaced by carbon-emission fossil fuels. And it will have devastating effects on the local economy mandating higher taxes and higher electric charges.

We’ve had enough Democratic control. Let’s give the Republicans a chance to clean up the mess created by the Democrats.

Dick DeLorenzo,


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