Letter to the Editor: Bauscher Right Choice to Keep Bedford Schools Headed in Right Direction

My family moved to Mount Kisco in 2011 and I have two children currently attending Mount Kisco Elementary School. Having seen how the Bedford Central School District Board of Education has successfully handled the challenging situations in the past several years, I enthusiastically support Mike Bauscher for the board. Mike and the board have helped our children and schools through the difficulties of implementing the DLBE School of Choice as well as with the move to virtual schooling during COVID.

Mike is an accomplished lawyer, an effective communicator and a critical thinker who has the appropriate experience with his previous tenure on the school board as well as the Budget Advisory Committee. Perhaps as important is Mike’s presence in the community as he is a fixture on the fields of Leonard Park coaching both of his two sons’ teams for the Mount Kisco Little League (which as a board member I truly appreciate), and has also coached for Mount Kisco AYSO and the Bedford Youth Soccer League.

Mike is always the first to offer assistance when needed, and to organize whatever efforts are required in order to accomplish a particular goal. It is that sort of innate quality that makes him a tremendous leader, team player and a great friend. There are so many people within our community that count on Mike for sound advice and an educated opinion, which he gladly offers both genuinely and honestly.

For these reasons, I will be voting for Mike Bauscher in the upcoming Bedford Board of Education election on May 18.

Marshall Tilden III
Mount Kisco