Let’s Hope Yorktown Doesn’t Lose Sight of What Makes Town Special

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Is Yorktown teetering on the verge of becoming a metropolis? Can Yorktown remain a sleepy bedroom community with “overlay mania” planning to steamroll through neighborhoods building several Yonkers-esque 150-plus-apartment complexes with no end in sight? 

In January, Yorktown will have an entirely Republican Town Board. With no rival political party to serve as a counterbalance, I hope that the new board, doesn’t forget to hold themselves accountable, resist the temptation of returning political favors and overcomes any pressure to vote strictly along party lines. 

I hope the Town Board remembers why people choose to live in Yorktown and is able to continue to put the well-being of our community above personal ambition, contributors’ interests and developers’ profits.

Stephen Brown
Yorktown Heights


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