Lawler Speaks Like a Moderate, But Votes Like a MAGA Member

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On Veterans Day, I was reminded of the sacrifices and selfless service that so many who have put on the uniform have made over the years. These sacrifices also extend to family members and loved ones back at the home front.

I then remembered the duplicity of our current member of Congress, Republican Mike Lawler, who says one thing, but then does something completely else. Lawler claims to “support our troops,” but then votes to slash the pay of the Department of Defense leadership to $1 and make it harder for our military servicemembers to get an abortion, even for rape victims, all in pursuit of some extremist social agenda. He claims to support veterans, but then votes to slash benefits.

Since Hamas’ attack last month, Rep. Lawler has criticized the Biden administration over its Israel policy, without foundation or substance. In the aftermath of the attack, Lawler amplified the false MAGA soundbite that Hamas paid for its insidious invasion with $6 billion in sanctioned Iranian funds that had been released. Knowing it was bunk, Lawler contended that “money is fungible” on morning television, hoping to raise his profile amongst the most extreme donors of the GOP.

Lawler’s practice of issuing moderate statements but then voting to support the agenda of extremists is too cute by half. Serious times require a congressman that will honor the sacrifices of those who have served by exhibiting leadership, moral courage and decency. Unfortunately, Mike Lawler is not that congressman.

Nicholas Minella
Nicholas Minella currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves and is a veteran of the Afghanistan Campaign. This letter reflects his personal views and is not endorsed by the U.S. Army or the Department of Defense.

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