Lawler Should Declare Whether He Supports Trump for President

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It’s all well and good that Congressman Lawler spoke out against fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, but that is essentially meaningless. Lone wolf MTG’s spouting about the “uniparty” is obviously nonsense.

What would be meaningful is Mike Lawler joining other Republicans, who say the former president should not regain the most powerful position in the world. Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, to name some, are warning the American people about a second Trump presidency. Even former Maryland Republican governor Larry Hogan, who is running for U.S. Senate, stated at his political peril that he wouldn’t vote for Trump.

These and many other Republicans explain this election is not about policy issue differences. We can survive four more years under Biden’s policies, but this country could very well be irreparably damaged under Trump. Trump, the man who still hasn’t accepted that he lost the 2020 election, is planning to install loyalists, not to the Constitution but loyalists to himself, in all federal government departments. This election is about democracy or autocracy.

Either you support democracy or you support Trump. I will not vote for a representative who is choosing to undermine our democracy by not speaking out about the dangers of a second Trump presidency. It’s about time Mike Lawler enlightens us so we can make an informed choice on Nov. 5.

Thank you
Wendy Holtzman

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