Lawler Claims to be a Moderate, but Often Puts MAGA Agenda First

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On Dec. 14, in a party line 221-212 vote, Mike Lawler joined House Republicans to pass a resolution to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into the alleged foreign business dealings of the family of President Joe Biden. Despite no evidence to support the baseless claims to date, according to his remarks in the Dec. 14 Mid Hudson News, Lawler has said that he believes that the inquiry is warranted and would be open to impeaching the President.

A large majority of voters – including 30 percent of registered Republican voters – do not believe President Biden should be impeached, according to a recent Monmouth University poll. The hearings are being led by MAGA Republicans determined to stage a political stunt to damage the President in his re-election bid. Mike Lawler has shown strong support for this wasteful effort, thereby aligning himself with the most extreme wing of the Republican Party. Having voted twice for Donald Trump, it is clear where his allegiance lies.

Who is the real Mike Lawler? Is he the bipartisan moderate he claims to be or is he a crusading member of the Republican majority, least productive Congress since the Great Depression? Is he representing his constituents who elected him or his own opportunistic, fanatical political ambitions?

Mike Lawler is a lifelong political operative and lobbyist, not the devoted public servant he makes himself out to be. By supporting the fact-free impeachment inquiry, he is putting himself and the MAGA Republican agenda ahead of the interests of the people of the 17th Congressional District.

I believe we deserve better and should vote him out of office in November.

Susan Berman
Yorktown Heights

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