Lawler Cannot Be Re-elected After Supporting Johnson as Speaker

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In voting to elevate Mike Johnson to House speaker, Mike Lawler voted to endanger our democracy.

After the 2020 election, Johnson created a legal theory to justify Trump’s objection to the results and worked to build support for a Texas lawsuit aimed at overturning the will of the people in four states that Biden lawfully won. As speaker of the House, Johnson will have much more power during the next election than he did the last time Trump lost, and that should scare us all.

But it didn’t scare Mike Lawler, who was also able to look past Johnson’s stated desire to slash Medicare and Social Security, restrict the rights of women and outlaw gay marriage in order to vote for him.

Part of the problem with the current Republican Party is that it is chock full of guys like this; it’s not clear who they could have chosen who wouldn’t have the exact same problems that Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson have. Now that the House is back in business, we will see more nonsense distraction bills and more cuts to programs Americans need because that’s all Republicans do at this point.

This is why we cannot elect a Republican congressman ever again. Even if Mike Lawler were a moderate (he’s not; look at what he just voted to do), there are not enough GOP moderates left for a Republican majority to do anything but press an extreme right-wing agenda. Lawler cannot be re-elected next year.

Judy Allen
Putnam Valley

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