‘Langleygate’ Proves Sheriff Cannot Be Trusted in Putnam County

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It was recently discovered that Democratic Sheriff Bob Langley secretly recorded a conversation between himself and the sitting Republican Carmel town supervisor. Sheriff Langley then released the information about that conversation to his campaign team so they could submit a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request and distribute on social media.

Langley claims his campaign team got the recording through a FOIL request. Langley should be ashamed of himself, hiding behind a FOIL request. Anyone with common sense can see what went on here – Democrat Langley informed his campaign team of a conversation he had with a Republican supervisor and told them the specific time frame to FOIL so they could retrieve the audiotape to use for political gain. How could anyone know of the private conversation if Langley did not inform them?

This was clearly a political hit set up by Democratic Sheriff Langley to shame and embarrass a sitting Republican supervisor. Shame on Langley. The FOIL request was submitted on Sept. 29 and the audiotape was given to the person requesting it the same day and put on social media by the end of that day. Foiling an audiotape from a law enforcement agency often takes weeks before you get a response. How was this audiotape provided in less than eight hours? This was a scheme set up by Sheriff Langley and his campaign team.

This is despicable and unethical behavior. Who can ever trust Sheriff Langley again? Sheriff Langley has diminished the credibility and trust of the office of sheriff for political gain. Watergate showed that Nixon could not be trusted and “Langleygate” is showing the people of Putnam County that Sheriff Langley cannot be trusted.

We must bring integrity back to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Please join me in voting for Republican Kevin McConville who has 30 years’ experience in law enforcement (retired chief of police at the MTA).

Kevin McConville will restore integrity and respect to the office of Putnam County Sheriff.

Robert Buckley
Retired Captain, Westchester County Jail

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