Lala’s Exotic Cuts, Yorktown

Yorktown resident Laura Sosa, left, opened Lala’s Exotic Cuts in town on Jan. 15. Also shown above is hair stylist Sandra Guanoluisa, who resides in Ossining. Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Yorktown resident Laura Sosa opened Lala’s Exotic Cuts in Yorktown on January 15, influenced by her daughter, Karelys.

“My daughter’s always in a hair salon,” Sosa said last week, so she decided to open her own salon.

Sosa said her daughter and her friends “are all into hair and cosmetics.”

Convenience was a reason for Sosa to choose Commerce Street in Yorktown as the location for her new business. “It’s very nearby to my house,” she said.

Lala is a nickname her brother gave her, Sosa said.

A variety of services are offered at Lala’s Exotic Cuts, including hair coloring, hair wash and set, hair treatments, waxing, permanents, updos and touching up of hair roots, Sosa said.

Sosa said her salon provides services for men, women and children. Her business is located in part of a building that had previously housed a wholesale beer business. Renovations of the space began in 2017, she noted. Sosa said she is very gratified that the renovations are complete.

Sosa said most of the customers of her new business live in Yorktown and many have previously been clients of hair stylist Sandra Guanoluisa, who resides in Ossining and came to work at Sosa’s new business.

Though Sosa does not cut hair, she said she is planning to train to do so.

Sosa laid out the goal she has for Lala’s Exotic Cut. She said she would like to build up her business including having her children’s friends, who attend Yorktown district schools, patronize her businesses.

“The way they filled up my house I’m hoping they fill up the hair salon,” she said. “I’ve had a hundred kids in my house. I hope I get more than 100 clients.”

Lala’s Exotic Cuts is located at 1895 Commerce St. in Yorktown. For more information, call 914-302-2651, visit or send an e-mail



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