Lake Peekskill Postal Office: Closing or Reduced Hours

Last week,Lake Peekskill residents received a letter telling them that their post office is among those being evaluated under POST Plan criteria and they are being solicited for input to help determine the course of action for their community.

A survey, attached to the letter, listed four choices and asked residents to select the alternative they would most prefer.  The first choice is to keep the post office open, but change the hours of service from 8 6 p.m.  The other three would be to conduct a discontinuance study and provide roadside delivery, or, find an alternate location at a local business for post office business, or, provide P.O. box service via another nearby post office.

Unless more than 60 percent of the community has a strong preference for conducting a discontinuance study, the postal service intends to maintain the Lake Peekskill Post Office with 6 hours of window service each weekday.  Saturday window service hours will not change.

In addition to examining the results of the survey, there will be a meeting at the Lake Peekskill Post Office at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 27 to answer questions and solicit input.

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced a 15.9 billion dollar loss for the year and is forecasting $21 billion in losses by 2016 unless major changes are made.