Kearns’ Service to Country, Community Makes Him Excellent Choice for Carmel

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I am writing to urge the residents of Carmel to consider supporting Republican candidate Robert Kearns in the upcoming election. Kearns is not just a candidate, he is a military veteran, a family man and a dedicated community member who truly cares about our town.

As a military veteran, Kearns has demonstrated his commitment to service and sacrifice for our country. His experience in the armed forces has instilled in him the values of discipline, integrity and a strong work ethic. These qualities are essential for effective leadership, and I believe they make him an excellent choice for public office.

Furthermore, Kearns is a devoted family man who understands the importance of a thriving and safe community for our loved ones. He recognizes that the decisions made at the local level impact our families directly, from education to public safety to the overall quality of life. His dedication to his own family reflects his commitment to ensuring that Carmel remains a great place to live and raise children.

I encourage my fellow residents of Carmel to vote for Robert Kearns in the upcoming election. Let’s choose a candidate who will work tirelessly to make our community even better and ensure that our voices are heard.



Scott Gregory


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