Joseph S. Lento of Maestro Music Unlimited

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Joseph S. LentoSpecializing in Brass, Woodwind and Music Theory
All Ages and Levels

Joseph S. Lento of Maestro Music Unlimited is now offering his creative and student centered philosophy of teaching Music on a fully accessible Online Digital Platform.

Maestro Lento has a career spanning Four Decades. Joseph started his career at 22 years of age and has enjoyed much success with his students using unique styles of Motivation and Creativity. Joseph understands that Music is a means not only to develop the obvious, but to engage and foster the inherent qualities and power Music has on the Academic and Socio-Emotional development in children and adults.

Joseph engages his students and emphasizes their strengths. His methods are not the traditional ‘’Drill and Grill’ repetitive exercises most students avoid. Instead Joseph uses the greatest Pop, Jazz and Orchestral works to teach Scales, Intervals and Theory, but most of all, he is devoted to the happiness and pride his students will achieve through Music. The lessons are not about him but about you.

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Phone: 914-564-1203


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