Chappaqua Woman and Dad Create Jewel of a Fundraiser

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Chappaqua resident Samantha Auburn Levine, creator of Auburn Jewelry, with one of the pendants she designed with her father to raise money for COVID-19 antibody research at Mount Sinai Hospital.

By Ariel Markowski

Chappaqua resident Samantha Auburn Levine was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in 1987. More than three decades later, she is giving back to the hospital that helped give her life.

Auburn Jewelry, which Levine established in 2013, has recently begun to sell pendants etched with an antibody-shaped design to raise money for research at Mount Sinai. The hospital also happens to be where her father, Dr. Adam Levine, has worked as an anesthesiologist for more than 30 years.

Inspired by her father, Levine decided to take action.

“I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing while the world is in shambles,” said the 2005 Greeley High School graduate. “Auburn Jewelry was founded on the grounds of giving back where we can and this is just another example of how we’re doing that.”

The process began with the pendant’s design. Levine and her father created four choices, which were reviewed by an Instagram audience. Now that a style has been selected, the sterling silver charms are available for pre-order in two color schemes: silver and navy enamel with rhodium and black and gold with 14-karat gold vermeil.

Starting at $48, Levine aims to raise at least $1,000 for antibody research. As of Friday, $850 has been raised within two weeks, with 60 percent of the profits going to Mount Sinai.

The money raised by the sale of the pendants will go toward research determining whether transfusing plasma containing COVID-19 antibodies combats the disease. Mount Sinai is among the first hospitals in the world to detect COVID-19 antibodies in the blood.

“They are beautifully handcrafted in the United States, just like the rest of the Auburn Jewelry collection,” noted Levine, who is engaged to fellow Greeley graduate Brandon Sultanik.

The process has reinforced the bond between Levine and her father.

“My dad is my favorite person in the whole world,” she said. “My mom likes to say my dad and I are the same person. We have the same sense of humor and the same love of helping people.”

Levine’s pendants, containing an antibody-shape design, are available for pre-order in silver and navy and black and gold.

The fundraiser has also served as a great way to marry two of Levine’s passions: creating jewelry and supporting meaningful causes.

“I felt so helpless stuck at home, quarantining,” she said. “My dad and I designed these necklaces together and I’m so happy that I’m able to do my small part to help.”

As for Levine’s father, he couldn’t be prouder.

“We have always been close and she has always had a social (conscience), developing unique pieces and giving back to the community,” Levine said. “What father wouldn’t be proud?”

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