It’s Time for Mount Pleasant to Have a Dedicated Leader Who Puts Taxpayers First

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I’m running for Mount Pleasant supervisor because it’s time we had someone running this town who is focused on the taxpayers, not their own personal enrichment.

Carl Fulgenzi began his tenure as town supervisor in 2014. He almost immediately raised his own salary to $148,703. Since then, Mr. Fulgenzi has rewarded himself even more lavishly, courtesy of the taxpayers, paying himself $165,790 annually.

We are being fleeced. To put Fulgenzi’s taxpayer windfall in perspective, he receives a higher salary than the supervisors of Eastchester, Yorktown and the mayor of Yonkers.

Sadly, taxes in Mount Pleasant have also increased every year since Mr. Fulgenzi was elected. 

There are plenty of dedicated volunteers and first-responders in Mount Pleasant who provide their services for free, while in Town Hall, we have a compliant board that doles out supervisor pay increases.

It’s time for a leader who works for the residents of Mount Pleasant. As supervisor, I will make this pledge:

  1. I will not take a raise
  2. I will donate $10,000 of my annual salary to fund a scholarship for the children of Mount Pleasant town employees.

My pledge is an example of the community-first approach I will bring to Town Hall. I believe that authentic leadership requires dedication, problem-solving and transparency. 

I have been a resident of the Town of Mount Pleasant for 40 years. My wife and I chose to raise our family here, and we have a vested interest in the longevity and healthy growth of our community. It’s time for a leadership change, and I am dedicated to leading and giving back to this community that I call home.

Joe Bonanno

Mount Pleasant

Joe Bonanno is the Democratic candidate for Town of Mount Pleasant supervisor.

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