Infinite Possibilities and Universal Healing Arts Connection, Cortlandt

Infinite Possibilities and Universal Healing Arts Connection in Cortlandt is owned by town resident Shima Chayvet.

Cortlandt resident Shima Chayvet was vice president of a home care company for many years.

“It was seven days a week. It never ended,” Chayvet recalled last week. “I loved what I did, but I really needed a diversion.”

Chayvet said a friend purchased admission for an energy healing class at Westchester Community College in Valhalla. The class changed her life because she eventually decided to take her career in a new direction.

Chayvet is the owner of Infinite Possibilities and Universal Healing Arts Connection in Cortlandt. She owns seven other offices, including one in Florida, which operates “all by word of mouth. I’ve never advertised,” Chayvet said.

Chayvet said Infinite Possibilities focuses on holistic weight loss utilizing acupressure, reflexology and dietary changes. “I use a 2,000-year-old methodology,” she said. The methods have been so effective that there have been clients who were told by their doctors to no longer take their blood pressure and diabetic medications. “Women lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Men disappear like a puff of smoke,” she said. A free orientation session is offered, she noted.

Several services are offered by Universal Healing Arts Connection. “Once Infinite Possibilities was established, I got into the healing arts,” Chayvet said. For example, she practices Reiki.

“Reiki is an ancient art of hands on healing that was founded in the 1850s by a Japanese Christian monk whose name was Mikao Usui,” Chayvet said. With his life not going well, Usui went to the top of a mountain in Japan to fast, chant and meditate for 21 days “to try to figure out what was wrong,” she said. “After 21 days the story is he saw a blinding light and there were symbols in the light. And as he was coming down the mountain he stumbled and fell and he was bleeding. And he put his hands on himself and he was healed. And he came up with this system. And what Reiki stands for is universal life-force energy.”

Universal Healing Arts Connection also offers other services. Michelle Lent provides message therapy; Itsa Aravena teaches yoga, including family yoga; Qigong, which is similar to Tia Chi, is taught by Katherine McGloughlin; and Linda O’Shea provides divine energy healing,

Universal Healing also has a metaphysical shop which sells such items as crystals, sage, shells, feathers to move the sage, jewelry and books. The shop offers “everything that you would not normally find in a store,” Chayvet said.

Though she owns other offices, the Cortlandt facility is unique, Chayvet said. “This is only office that has the complete healing arts component,” she said.

Infinite Possibilities and Universal Healing Arts Connection are located at 4 Crestview Ave. in Cortlandt. For more information about Infinite Possibilities, call 914-788-9355 or visit For more information about Universal Healing Arts Connection call 914-737-4325 or visit


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