Hymn to Pocantico Lake

We are part of The Trust Project

The breeze sings with delight across the lake’s surface. 
Rippling water dancing to the soft sounds. 
As with so much of our natural world 
The lake gives, holds true to its reservoir roots.
Nurturing, watering us, the land, the flowing Hudson. 
So much touching the body, the soul. 

What clear waters etch the curved banks, the hanging green boughs. 
Leaping fish, turtles sunning, hawks stalking, water and land alive. 
Trees grow cleansing the air, struggle, decay as they always have 
Feeding the land, vegetation and animals that call this sacred place home. 

Precious the rocky promontory edging the clear water
Curved like a large turtle’s back, trees standing innocent and proud
Perhaps at attention, most likely watchful like priests of old. 

It is a holy place, as most simple places are holy.
It is a pleasant place, as most holy places are pleasant.
It is a serene place, giving freely, only expecting reverence in return. 

Our native ancestors understood what we risk losing, 
Living in a world alive with wonder, open, ever changing. 
So we worship on your trails and banks, thankful, asking for your blessings 
As we give you ours in silent everlasting wonder.

Malcolm Netburn
Briarcliff Manor

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