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Hudson Art, Peekskill

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Peekskill resident Angela Nader opened Hudson Art in the city in June.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Peekskill resident Angel Nader owned an art gallery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for three years and decided to close it, because, she said last week, she wanted to “look for a different kind of a community.”

The new community she chose was Peekskill, and in June, she opened Hudson Art on South Division Street. One of her Manhattan customers, who lives in Beacon, told her about Peekskill, Nader said.

The new shop is located in a portion of the Ford Piano building via a lease arrangement. The space was formerly occupied as a piano showroom.

Though Nader described her new business as an art gallery, it also offers a wide array of items aside from art including antiques, vintage items and collectables.

Nader purchased the bulk of the items sold in her new store and in her former Manhattan store from a gallery owner in Manhattan who was retiring and moving back to India.

“My collection sought of started out as Southeast Asian art but over the past four years I kind of expanded out into different areas,” she said. To obtain new items, Nader said she takes part in auctions and she also partners with other local antique dealers.

“That’s what I like about Peekskill, the Hudson Valley is a very collaborative community,” Nader said.  “I’m trying to help and support those folks as well.”

Nader said she spent 30 years in the corporate world in the human resources area and later owned a consulting business. “But my love was always in the fine arts,” she said. “I always kind of did it as a hobby, but never pursued it as a career.”

Nader draws, paints and creates ceramics and she also plays the piano. “I just love the instrument and that’s why there is a synergy between me and Ford Piano,” Nader said. “It made me feel it’s where I’m supposed to be.”

The store features many Elvis Presley related items, including movie posters and statues purchased from one of her suppliers. A now-closed barber shop in Peekskill had many Elvis collectables and when it closed, residents were disappointed to see the items depart, she said. So, Nader said she decided to purchase the Elvis memorabilia from the Mohegan Lake supplier.

Hudson Art also sells pianos, tapestries, paintings, clothing and crafts. The items are intended “for the home and your soul” Nader said. “They’re all kind of one of a kind.”

All the items sold at her new store serve a use, Nader said. “Everything should be usable,” she said. “I don’t believe things should be put away in a closet or a storage area or an attic.”

Hudson Art is located at 15 S. Division St. in Peekskill. For more information, call 215-410-4071 or send an e-mail to


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