Letter to the Editor: Holtec Will Help Restore Indian Point Site and Benefit the Community

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff approval of the sale of Indian Point to Holtec should be welcome news to everyone who cares about our environment and economy in the Hudson Valley.

Indian Point’s 24/7 carbon-free baseload power, and the millions in tax revenues it pays, will be missed after operations cease in April – and we need a plan to make our communities whole. Holtec has that plan and the proven capabilities to carry it out.

The NRC staff are highly trained and experienced public servants who take their responsibilities seriously, examining facts without bias. They know Holtec well: the company’s already been managing the spent fuel at Indian Point for years and will continue to do so whether the property is sold to it or not.

Those who seek to hinder the sale are the same people who, for years, leveled baseless charges – exceedingly useful as fodder for fundraising or political maneuvering – against Indian Point’s operators.

Now they tell us to ignore NRC experts in favor of self-appointed gadflies. 

While it is sadly easy to guess at the naysayers’ ultimate goals, it’s also sadly true that once Indian Point closes, the clock starts ticking for our future. 

The choice is clear: between a site fully restored by Holtec by the early 2030s, or an industrial carbuncle on the shores of the Hudson that will sit untouched for the next 60 years. Our communities deserve the safest and timeliest decommissioning, and everyone should welcome the NRC staff’s bringing that bright future one step closer.

Deborah Milone
President, Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce


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