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High Marques Auto Salon

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Stephen Field (right) at High Marques Auto Salon in The Westchester mall, White Plains.

When Stephen Field was a teenager he loved cars. He loved to tinker with them mechanically and he loved to drive them. Over the years that love never faded. As a high-powered marketing executive, Field at one time represented General Motors and Chrysler and he was successful enough in his career to develop a passion for what the British call marques—car brands with a particular distinction such as Bentley or Rolls Royce.

Today, Field owns five quality automobiles and he is a Manhattan resident, a true testament to his automobile savvy. He claims expert knowledge of every type of car, as well as its history and how it is produced. His new venture, High Marques Auto Salon, located in the parking garage at The Westchester mall in White Plains caters to that passion.

“I never expected to get into an automobile service business,” Field remarked. “The idea evolved from my marketing experience. I wanted to create a business that could be franchised, something like Starbucks, which takes a pedestrian cup of coffee and turns it into a quality item that caters to a specific segment.”

“I also have allergies,” he continued, “which means that I have to buy expensive clothes and those clothes need quality care.” Field pays extra for that quality care, so when an opportunity at The Westchester came up, he pulled it all together – cars, quality care, and people willing to pay for it.

High Marques Auto Salon is located on the first level at the Westchester, accessible from the Bloomingdale Road entrance.

The lowest price on the services roster is a $35 hand wash and complete interior cleaning for a regular sedan. The process takes about one hour. Other services include ultra-detailing with a price range from $175 to $750.

High Marques Auto Salon only uses the finest Carnauba waxes and protective products, sourced from around the world.

“Our goal is to become the nation’s leader in prestige auto care and detailing by using the best products and tools, and by capitalizing on our expertise,” Field says, adding: “Our unique, totally by hand, car-enhancing regimen protects the long-term investment of every vehicle, as well as producing a car that sparkles, shines and looks and feels like it just left the showroom.”
Field jokingly says he could cater just to Range Rovers, so many of them come in to the lot. He also says his clientele is made up primarily of women. That does make sense considering the service location is based at one of the region’s most prestigious shopping centers. In fact a beauty salon and nail salon located in The Westchester have begun offering coupons to their clients for services at the car salon, while they enjoy their personal care salon services.

Field says he is planning a grand opening celebration for some time in the near future and will offer a 20 percent off incentive to new customers. He currently offers a 20 percent off rainy day special.

The salon opened on August 1 and has been attracting a steady flow of customers. “We are the only car care service of this kind in the area,” Field said.

The relationship with Simon Malls, owner of The Westchester, is off to a good start. If that relationship continues to blossom, Field’s dream of a franchise will take off since Simon runs malls on Long Island and Connecticut, all catering to a similar clientele.

In the meantime, if you live within a 10 to 15 mile radius of White Plains, Field offers a pick and return service. If you are out shopping for the day at The Westchester, look for the orange signs that will point you in the right direction of the salon.

To make a reservation, call 914-949-1507.

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