Harckham’s Vote Supporting Reproductive Health Act Should Disqualify Him

In evaluating the candidates for state Senate, a key vote by Sen. Harckham in favor of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) allowing abortions up to the moment of birth for any reason would disqualify him from office in my opinion. The RHA goes far beyond Roe v. Wade, dispensing with the need to have a doctor perform an abortion in many instances.

Further, the legal requirement to provide life-saving measures to babies that survive the abortion has been removed. That is just so cruel. It completely disregards the old standard held by many pro-choice politicians of making abortions safe, legal and rare. Even those who are pro-choice should be horrified by Sen. Harckham’s vote to eliminate common-sense protections for babies in the third trimester and just after birth.

It’s wrong and it’s immoral. I’m voting for Rob Astorino.

Dick DeLorenzo