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Hair Goddess Salon, Cortlandt

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Peekskill resident Elissa Diaz opened Hair Goddess Salon in Cortlandt six weeks ago.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Peekskill resident Elissa Diaz opened Hair Goddess Salon in Cortlandt six weeks ago, fulfilling a long time wish.

“I’ve always wanted to run and own my own business,” Diaz said last week. “I didn’t think it was going to be a hair salon per se.”

Diaz, who majored in dance in college, originally thought she would own a dance studio. “But since I’ve always loved the craft of makeup and hair and being in the fashion industry, it just pulled me more toward opening a salon,” she said.

“I do a lot of hairstyles and makeup for models and in the salon as well,” she added.

Diaz, a published model, is the face of Plush, a plus size clothing line.

Diaz said business has been good so far at Hair Goddess Salon but she added she needed “to get the word out” about her establishment.

Hair Goddess provides its services to men, women, boys and girls. Some of the services include scalp treatments to encourage hair growth; Botox treatments to prevent hair broken ends; haircuts and coloring, Diaz said. The salon also offers hair extensions. Some of the most popular services at the new salon are the Botox treatments and hair color highlighting as well as haircuts, Diaz explained.

The building that houses her new business was a flower shop at one point in the past. “This was completely gutted. There was nothing here,” Diaz said. “Everything you see here was completely built from scratch.”

It took about six weeks to complete the renovations, she said. “It was definitely a very good feeling to actually see it completely done.”

Diaz, who lives about five minutes from her business, said she chose the Cortlandt location for her salon because “There are no salons in the Cortlandt area.”

Many of her customers live in Brooklyn and the Bronx or have moved up to the local area from New York City, Diaz said.

Diaz explained why she named her establishment Hair Goddess Salon. “I’ve always been into Greek mythology,” she said.

A salon can provide services for individuals to promote positive feelings, Diaz said. “It’s all about making people feel good within themselves,” she said.

Hair Goddess Salon is located at 2093 E. Main St. in Cortlandt. For more information, call 914-736-1235 or visit Hair Goddess is also on Facebook and Twitter.


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