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Greenburgh Looking Into Expansion of Car Sales Along Central Avenue

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In order to provide a more equitable distribution of car dealerships in the CA Central Avenue Mixed Use Impact District of Greenburgh, the Town Board is entertaining new legislation.

The proposed law would allow pre-existing motor vehicle uses and sales lots as a special permit use and would allow the opening up of sites along Central Avenue for new dealerships.

At the meeting of the Town Board on October 22nd, the Board voted to act as the SEQRA lead agency for the special permit change and referred the proposed law to the Planning Board and Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee for review.

During open comments from the public, opinions for and against the new law were expressed.

In opposition it was suggested that special permits should be offered to any type of business, not just car sellers.

One landowner said he had already been approached by a car dealership looking to open a new facility on Central Avenue. He also commented that car dealerships had been stigmatized 30 to 40 years ago and that the new face of automotive sales was very different. “Car dealerships should be viewed with a positive approach,” he said, “because they bring in more retail tax dollars than most other businesses.”

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said he had been in touch with the New York Car Dealers Association about the proposed law change. “They have offered to review the legislation and suggest improvements,” he added.

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