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Get your caffeine fix with these oh-so-tasty coffee concoctions

Good morning! Today is Tuesday, May 3, and you are reading today’s section of Examiner+, a digital newsmagazine serving Westchester, Putnam, and the surrounding Hudson Valley.

Westchester is home to so many cafes that you’ll never have to worry about when or where to get your next pick-me-up. We’ve gathered some of the tastiest and most interesting caffeinated drinks to make sure you’re feeling lively through all the seasons and months of the year.

CBD Vanilla Espresso from Coffee Labs Roasters Inc.

It’s strange to think that something meant to calm you is mixed with a caffeinated drink that wires you up. But trust the process, this one is worth trying!

The combination of ingredients and flavors makes for one of Coffee Lab Roasters’ most popular drinks. Made with organic sugar and real vanilla bean, the vanilla bean is scraped into the sugar and left in the bean pods, giving a full vanilla flavor.

CBD powder is then incorporated at 10mg per serving, using Barista Blend that’s water-soluble. You are also able to pick your choice of milk and Circus Dog Espresso for the creation. Take a sip and let the espresso do its thing.   
7 Main St, Tarrytown

Matcha Latte from The Peekskill Coffee House

If you’re looking to cut down a little on your caffeine intake, Matcha is the perfect transition.

Classified as a “superfood latte” on their menu, Peekskill Coffee takes ceremonial-grade Matcha called “Main Eating Tiger,” and blends it into a delicious beverage, iced or hot. The Matcha is raw and single-sourced from a small family farm in Japan, handpicked, hand-ground, and not mixed with generic green tea or artificial additives.

Matcha contains caffeine, but less than coffee and it has benefits such as improving your energy and mental clarity. When customers are looking to cut down on caffeine, they resort to ordering Matcha or another hot Harney & Son tea that Peekskill Coffee carries. How’s that for caffeine awareness?
101 S Division Street, Peekskill

White Chocolate Mocha from Hastings Tea & Coffee

The perfect quaint location right off a busy street, Hastings Tea & Coffee is the setting for a lot of unique coffees and teas. This hot spot also acts as an option for wine specials, craft beers from a local brewer, and seltzers, so you get the best of both worlds at this café.

Looking for something different than a regular cup of coffee? Their white chocolate mocha boasts sweet goodness, starting with their signature espresso mixed with Ghirardelli white chocolate and steamed milk. You can get the drink hot, iced, or blended to meet any of your caffeine needs so you can change it up when you feel like it.
235 Main St, Hastings-on-Hudson

Spicy Honey Latte from Nutmeg

Founder Cindy Bothwell opened Nutmeg in 2016 after growing her baking business over the years. Now, you can find the bakery full of homemade goods. Their slogan, “what’s for dessert,” makes us crave all the food they have in the bakery. But with a good pie, quiche, cookie, or baklava, we need something to wash it down with. 

Nutmeg’s Spicy Honey Latte gives you a perfect balance of zesty and sweet. Think of pumpkin-spiced latte vibes, but with the sweetness of honey. It’s great for those looking to get a little caffeine fix without getting wired up, and it’s a unique flavor palette that will pair nicely with a delicious treat.
64 Main St, Tuckahoe

Black Cow from The Black Cow Coffee Company

The menu consists of many combinations of drinks, so creativity isn’t shy here at The Black Cow. If you’re looking for a drink that’s part caffeine and part chocolate, look no further.

Their eponymous specialty drink, “Black Cow,” consists of espresso mixed with steamed chocolate milk and topped with a heaping amount of whipped cream is the perfect combination. There are similar variations of the drink, such as one that’s blended with ice, or classic café mocha (espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk separately).
4 Old Post Rd South, Croton-on-Hudson
914.271.7544 &
7 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville

Kayla Garritano has been a freelance writer since 2017 when she graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in journalism and a double minor in creative writing and marketing. She now runs her own freelancing website, kaylagarritano.com, where she will happily flaunt her work in many different genres such as food, travel, lifestyle, and all things that make people laugh or smile. When she’s finally done with the computer for the day, she enjoys keeping busy with friends and family. Whether it be attending a sporting event or concert, going to the gym, or just grabbing a drink, she doesn’t know how to stay still.

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