Ginny’s Wine and Liquor, Jefferson Valley

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Shrub Oak resident Stephanie Gazzigli is the owner of Ginnys Wine and Liquor in Jefferson Valley<br >Photo credit Neal Rentz

Shrub Oak resident Stephanie Gazzigli said last week she worked for many years as a school cafeteria cook and wanted a change in career.

Gazzigli opened Ginny’s Wine and Liquor in Jefferson Valley in February 2010 in a building formerly occupied by another liquor store. It is the first business she has ever owned.

“My girlfriend was in the business and I knew this place was for sale,” Gazzigli recalled. Maryann Arlie, her best friend for 40 years, owns Somers Discount Wines. Her friend is a source of support, Gazzigli said.

Gazzigli said she was very anxious about opening her own business. “I almost had a nervous breakdown,” she quipped. “Thank God for my husband (Daniel) who was holding me and got me through it. He was really my support.” Her husband is head custodian in the Lakeland School District.

Gazzigli said her store offers many choices for customers. “I do have a very large selection,” she said. “My theory on it is to try to make everybody happy. “

She said she sells many types of bourbons, which are particularly popular now. The store also offers single malts, vodkas, and many types of wines. Many of her products have a seasonal appeal, Gazzigli said. For example, rose wines and margaritas are very popular in the warm weather months and during the colder months a lot more brandies are sold.

The store offers both domestic wines and liquors and products from several foreign lands, as Greece, Chile, and Italy.

Most of her customers either live or work in the northern Westchester area, Gazzigli said. Some other customers live primarily in New York City but have summer homes in the area, she said.

Gazzigli said she orders products not currently available in her store. “We really try to accommodate anyone who comes in,” Gazzigli said. “If I can get it I will get it for you.”

One of the current popular liquor items is vodka ices. “I’m having a hard time trying to find those,” Gazzigli said.

Though many retail stores are struggling to compete with on line businesses, the wine and liquor stores have an advantage other stores do not possess, Gazzigli said.  “A lot of people don’t want to get it delivered because there’s a big cost for shipping,” she said.

One of the keys to success in her business is personal service, Gazzigli said. “That is what I like to do,” she said. “I try to accommodate people as much as I can.”

Ginny’s Wine and Liquor is located at 3655 Lee Rd. in Jefferson Valley. For more information, call 914-245-3373 or send an e-mail to


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