Gilbert’s Record of Accomplishments Merits His Return in Yorktown

This year, we will be voting to fill the very large shoes left by retiring Councilwoman Alice Roker, who was elected to the Yorktown Town Board in 2017, after serving for 26 years as town clerk.

Ilan (Lanny) Gilbert is running for a seat on the Town Board, and I believe that he is the most qualified candidate to replace Roker. He has the experience and vision needed to move Yorktown forward.

Lanny was a former Yorktown town justice (2006-11) and supervisor (2018-19). He currently serves as law judge for the Health Department of Westchester County, and is on the Board of Commissioners for the New York State Bridge Authority.

Having spent a lifetime serving the town, county and state and raising his family here in Yorktown, Lanny understands this community. Like Alice Roker, he has a strong sense of the need to serve for the betterment of the people, and to ensure that Yorktown is positioned for a healthy future.

Lanny’s previous accomplishments during his term as supervisor speak to his priorities, and how he would be a voice of the people on the Town Board.

Here are some of his varied accomplishments as town supervisor:

  • Prioritized addressing neglected infrastructure by allocating funds to repair roofs, pave additional roads and install emergency generators in public buildings.
  • Obtained $875,000 investment from Westchester County for Hilltop Hanover Farm to ensure its continued viability.
  • Collected delinquent taxes of over $400,000 in the first three months of enforcing existing laws.
  • Brought in an additional $3 million of revenue from Entergy after their pipeline project was delayed.
  • Saved the town potentially millions of dollars by requiring Con Edison to repave the roads they worked on, from curb to curb, at no expense to the town.
  • Renegotiated contracts for the Granite Knolls site, saving the town $700,000.
  • Searched for vendors for the Granite Knolls solar canopies project, which has been followed through by the current administration and will generate $145,000 a year in revenue that will go to the Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Saved future costs to the town by requiring Lowe’s maintain its own sewer and water system.
  • Created a Business Revitalization Committee and built upon their recommendations.

Yorktown needs representatives on the Town Board to recognize the priorities of the working people and to address their every-day challenges. They should also have a vision for maintaining the attractiveness of the town by ensuring that investments are made in critical areas and that growth is intelligently managed.

Based on his previous record, Ilan Gilbert has demonstrated that these are his priorities and should, therefore, be our choice to serve on the Yorktown Town Board.

Rama Iyengar


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