Gashi’s Support for the Jewish Community in Time of Need Shows Character

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On Election Day, I am supporting Vedat Gashi for re-election to the Westchester County Board of Legislators. There are many reasons why I am choosing to do so, but in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Israel and the rise of anti-Semitism here in the U.S., Vedat continues to be a shining light of support to the Jewish Community.

Vedat has publicly disavowed the terrorist attacks in Israel, attended numerous vigils in support of our community and has led the charge as chairman of the Board of Legislators to pass a resolution unanimously supporting the people of Israel.

Well before the most recent terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli citizens, Vedat has always been a consistent friend to the Jewish community. As an immigrant whose family had to flee Kosovo from persecution, Vedat has continually empathized and has stood in solidarity with our own long struggle to be free from persecution. In a time when the silence from our friends has been deafening, Vedat has been a strong ally.

I trust Vedat to be of high moral character and that he will continue to be an ally, not only to the Jewish community, but also to all his constituents feeling unrepresented and needing an advocate.

For this reason and so much more, I am supporting Chairman Vedat Gashi in his re-election to the Board of Legislators.


Larry Bahr

New Castle


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