Freckles Juice, White Plains

Bronx resident Felicia Forbes opened her second Freckles Juice location in the City Center in White Plains in October 2018. Neal Rentz Photo

When you ask Bronx resident Felicia Forbes why she named her business Freckles Juice she has a simple reply.

“I guess you didn’t notice my face full of freckles,” Forbes said recently.

Forbes opened her second location in the City Center in White Plains in October 2018. Her first location is in the Bronx.

Forbes recalled she started making juices for herself and her family in her home. “Then I started bringing juice to work for my co-workers and then I decided, wow, I’m pretty good at this, I should open a location,” Forbes said. She opened her first location in the Bronx in 2016.

Forbes said the City Center in White Plains reached out to her “and I said it was a great opportunity to grow. Being right here in the City Center is like being part of a community.”

The drinks served at Freckles feature fresh fruits and vegetables, including kale, mango, strawberries, cucumbers, beets, carrots, ginger and mint. Some of the drinks also include vegan protein, nuts and almond milk. Freckles offers drinks called “wellness shots” in such varieties as wheatgrass and ginger.

Freckles smoothies are blended with ice, while the juices are not. The smoothies “are a little thicker and they’re sweeter” than the juices, Forbes said.

One of the most popular smoothies is Belize It, which includes mango, strawberry, banana and pineapple juice. “I went to Belize and I love Belize,” Forbes said.

“A lot of the names are actually Reggae songs that we love,” Forbes noted.

Forbes does not have one favorite Freckles drink. “I love all the drinks a lot, it just depends on my mood,” she said.

Freckles drinks do more than just taste good, Forbes said. “The health benefits vary just depending on what you’re looking for,” she said. “For instance, we have stuff with celery. Celery is great for high blood pressure. Beets are good for blood pressure. We have things for diabetics like cucumber, ginger and celery.”

Freckles’ customers have the option of customizing their drinks, Forbes said.

Forbes said her customers come “from all over,” including people traveling from such faraway places as Kenya and Russia.

Forbes said she would like to bring her business to outdoor community events to get “more involved with the White Plains community.”

Freckles Juice is located in the City Center in White Plains, 9 Mamaroneck Ave. For more information visit




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