Following Government Guidance Has Helped Quell the Pandemic

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At least two recent letters to the editor complained about The Examiner’s fact checking climate denial and pronounced that “honest debate” should always be welcome. Assumedly, we should, thus, still be debating the existence of gravity, germ theory and how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin.

The letters also point to a favorite whipping boy, “the government,” as being biased and untrustworthy, as apparently proved by its response to COVID. The government, in fact, compiles the research from independent public health experts internationally and makes decisions based on the conclusions.

Except for the start of the pandemic, when the President claimed it was a hoax and scientists quibbled about the necessity for masks, the government stuck to one very accurate message: To minimize the risk of COVID infection, wear a mask in public places and get vaccinated. Because coronavirus constantly mutates, to maintain resistance everyone will likely have to continue getting vaccinated. Nothing is guaranteed, of course.

We just experienced a pandemic that has killed more Americans in three years than AIDS killed in 40 years. Following those very government recommendations have brought the pandemic under control, so we can return to normal life.

Chandak Ghosh

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