Examiner Media Joins Bipartisan Chorus Calling for Trump’s Removal From Office

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Examiner Media is joining organizations large and small today in endorsing the use of the 25th Amendment or impeachment to remove Trump from office in order to avoid further violence. We’re also asking other like-minded local people and organizations to do the same, especially people who haven’t spoken out before for a variety of understandable reasons but now hopefully feel compelled in this moment to use their voice.

Despite Wednesday’s horror, your voice, not violence, remains the most potent weapon in combatting hate politics. 

Silence among people who know better is the most treasured ally of malign forces.  

One lesson we’ve learned more acutely over the past four years is that voices matter. We’ve seen that in progress we’ve made, and in the racial politics embraced by too many. 

It’s important to remember the reason Trump should be removed. It’s not over any policy dispute. This is about fomenting violence, orchestrating a coup. You can believe in low taxation, small government, tighter borders, traditional values, deregulation and the power of privatization while simultaneously concluding that instigating violence must be banned from the public square. 

There’s been much asinine focus in the past 24 hours over the composition of the mob. Which ones were literally die-for-Trump fascists? How many would be better described as anarchists? These questions fundamentally (and sometimes intentionally) miss the point and falsely try to persuade people to believe the rioters were “Antifa.” The point is the commander-in-chief, the most powerful person in the world, unambiguously, deliberately, premeditatedly and maliciously invited and then incited the crowd. Anyone capable of believing their eyes and ears understands that, no matter the context, no matter the background. Any alleged hypocrisy over the media treatment of Black Lives Matter protests, while also a misguided and specious comparison, is fine to debate — but not yet. Let’s first address the metastasizing cancer provoking violence at our cherished Capitol. Take the keys from the drunk driver immediately, prioritize the imminent danger. 

If it is illegal for the average citizen to yell fire in a crowded theater, we obviously can’t permit our elected leaders to light a rhetorical match when whipping up the passions of an armed mob with venomous lies.

The president needs to be removed from office — now.  

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