Esposito’s Business Acumen Would Help the Town Thrive in Years Ahead

Before COVID-19, I had no idea who Sergio Esposito was.

During the pandemic lockdown, I watched Supervisor Matt Slater’s town COVID-19 updates, which were great and very informative). This is where I found out about Mr. Esposito.

I have watched him explain what businesses needed to do to survive. I’ve watched him talk about the PPP loan process and how it would help the local business owners. I’ve watched him talk about establishing a list of restaurants that provided takeout and a pledge from the residents to take part in helping. He also provided us with information on the stimulus packages and what was going on in Washington to help every one of us. He worked with the town to help restaurants get outdoor dining established so they could survive.

Sergio Esposito really cares about the town, people and all the businesses that make this town a great place to live.

Being a small business owner himself, I feel that Sergio Esposito would be a valuable member of the Town Board. He will help keep this town thriving with business because of his concerns to help everyone succeed.

Patricia Costello


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