Esposito Has Clear Understanding of What Yorktown Businesses Need

I want to personally thank Sergio Esposito for advocating for our town, our citizens and our small businesses, especially mine. Sergio was instrumental in formulating the “outside dining” legislation, which allowed my business to survive. I remember talking about it with him by phone and he even came to my business to ask my opinion and get my input on what I would like to have seen in the new legislation.

Sergio Esposito listened to my concerns and my recommendations, and shortly thereafter, he appeared at Town Board meetings advocating for the outside dining legislation that he helped formulate. As a side note, many of my suggestions were in the proposed legislation. Thankfully the new legislation was enacted! Sergio even showed up one day with Supervisor Slater and brought along News12 for an interview regarding the proposed redevelopment for the Yorktown Green shopping plaza. The man is unstoppable and truly dedicated.

Sergio Esposito is the only candidate that understands what our business sector needs and can get the job done.

Bob Crossett
Yorktown Grille


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