Election Day 2011: Putnam County Results

As the polls finally come to a close, the Putnam County Board of Elections has tallied thousands of ballots to finalize the field of winners that will be taking office for January 2012. After months of campaigning, debating and door-knocking, nearly 30 candidates have discovered their fates for Tuesday’s election.

County Executive Race

MaryEllen Odell is well on the path to become Putnam County’s next county executive, as she took 62 percent of the vote over her challenger Alan Schneider. Odell, who decided to take another shot after former state senator Vincent Leibell was charged with corruption, garnered 9,462 votes to Schneider’s 5,700.

MaryEllen Odell

County Legislator District 2

Despite Allen Beals’ call for a change in Putnam Valley, incumbent Sam Oliverio may have what it takes to complete his last term on the Putnam County Legislature. Oliverio leads Tuesday’s race by less than 100 votes. Beals, a turkey farmer, retired gynecologist and lawyer, took 49 percent of the vote with 1,094 votes while Oliverio, the lone Democrat on the legislature took 1,142 votes at 51 percent.

County Legislator District 8

Incumbent Dini LoBue will regain her seat on the Putnam County Legislature, as she won by a whopping 742-vote margin. Her challenger, Bobby McGuigan, Jr., tallied 277 votes. LoBue has stressed the need to move away from retail, commercial business by moving “into the 21st century.” According to LoBue, 70 percent of Putnam County’s workforce commutes outside of its borders.

Carmel Town Board Race

John Lupinacci took 41.4 percent of the vote on his journey to fill the first slot on the Carmel Town Board. Running mate Jon Schneider will mostly likely join Lupinacci, as he’s currently in second place with 2,652 votes. Peter Creegan is in a distant third, with 26 percent of the vote. Carmel Town Supervisor Ken Schmitt welcomed any candidate to the board, as they will provide a fresh perspective despite tenured board member Robert Ravallo’s leaving.

Southeast Town Board Race

With all districts reported, Roger Gross and Lynne Eckardt currently lead for the two open spots on Southeast’s town board. Gross, who ran as an incumbent, will most likely serve another term while Eckardt, whose fourth shot at a board seat seems to have proven successful, looks to take over Dwight Yee’s position. Both candidates have stressed a need for civility and professionalism to the board with hopes of attracting diverse business opportunities to Southeast. Two-hundred and eighty absentee votes are still pending, so this race is still too close to call.

More races:

Putnam Valley Town Supervisor

Bob Tendy – 1,325
Wendy Whetsel – 1,058
Tendy leads with 55 percent of the vote.

Putnam Valley Town Board

Steven Mackay – 1,154
Jay Michaelson – 1,035
Eugene Yetter – 1,142
Robert Cinque – 1,145
Mackay and Cinque lead with 25.75 and 25.55 percent of the vote, respectively. 

Putnam Valley Highway Superintendent 

Gary Wulfop – 1,108
Larry Cobb – 1,338
Cobb leads with 54 percent of the vote.

Philipstown Town Supervisor

Richard Shea – 1,732
Lee Erickson – 1,214
Shea leads with 58 percent of the vote.

Philipstown Town Board

Nancy Montgomery – 1,735
Dave Merandy – 1,561
Barbara Scuccimarra – 1,203
Katie Giachinta – 1,204
Montgomery and Merandy lead with 30 and 27 percent of the vote, respectively.

Patterson Highway Superintendent

John Steinhardt – 488
Russell Goff – 1,086
Goff leads with 68 percent of the vote.

Carmel Highway Superintendent 

Michael Simone – 2,778
Gerard Ahler, Jr. – 1,776
Simone leads with 60 percent of the vote.

These are unofficial election results as reported by the Putnam County Board of Elections. 



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