DMV Program on Teen Driving Safety Negated By Car Companies’ Ads

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The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is introducing a program whose purpose is to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel, and is being introduced in Orange, Putnam and Columbia counties.

The prime purpose of the program is to encourage parents to council their teens about safe driving habits when they qualify for their learner’s permit, holding them responsible for driving safely.

There has been, according to law officials, an increase in automobile accidents, particularly when a youthful driver is involved.

The DMV will be providing pamphlets to those parents whose youngsters are about to qualify for their permits, and will include driving tips and a parent-teen driving agreement to help promote safe practices while they are on the road.

This program is excellent, and much needed; however, for every plus there is also a minus.

How many of us have watched commercials for new cars with the following scenario: A new SUV or sedan is traveling along a twisting, hilly dirt road at a high rate of speed before the driver enters a clearing. At this juncture, the driver hits the brakes hard, putting the vehicle into a violent spin, stopping in a cloud of dust.

Young drivers are easily influenced by actions such as this, so it follows that many of them are going to try and duplicate such a maneuver.

The message we should convey to the auto manufacturers and their ad agencies is clean up your act!

Joe Pettit
Yorktown Heights

The letter writer has worked in the insurance industry for the past 50 years, 10 years as senior auto underwriter for Allstate and for 40 years as director, underwriting/marketing-commercial trucking fleets for National Truck Underwriters.

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