Letter to the Editor: Diversity is Welcome in Cortlandt, and Should be Everywhere Else

The Town of Cortlandt is diverse and we are proud of this fact. We are inclusive and everyone is important in our community. Everyone contributes, adds to the whole and we welcome all individuals and groups. 

We do not tolerate any form of prejudice, bigotry nor bullying. We are also pleased that over this 30-year administration all groups have been represented in our workforce, on our committees, councils and planning and zoning boards as well. We welcome all heritages, ethnicities, cultures, races, sexual orientation and religions.

Let’s continue our efforts of embracing each other, learning from one another, loving each other and teaching our children and grandchildren the importance of these important practices. One of the most important reasons I’ve loved being town supervisor is that we all live in peace and harmony in our Cortlandt community.

Everyone is important. Everyone deserves respect and they receive it in our wonderful community.

Linda D. Puglisi,
Supervisor, Town of Cortlandt


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