Destroying Forested Land in Yorktown to Fit a New Building in Unnecessary

We have lived in Yorktown since 1975. We remember when Atlantic Appliance first came here. It was a small storefront across from the Highway Department. I believe the Trailside Cafe is presently in its original location. Business was good and they expanded and moved to their present location in the Triangle Shopping Center.

Over the years we have bought most of our appliances from them and have often used their service department for repairs. We are firm believers in shopping local whenever possible rather than the big-box stores, and the salespeople at Atlantic have always been very accommodating and helpful.

Now we hear it is under new ownership and the new owners plan to expand to a site across the street and build a two-story building next to the post office. While technically they have the right to do this, the environmental consequences need to be taken into consideration. In addition, the Yorktown Tree Law needs to be applied here. This land is actually a much larger continuous piece of forest that contains a wetland and stream – which provides a refuge and corridor for the animals that live there. The trees in this area are over 40 feet high and provide not only an aesthetically pleasing view for the public, but also a stopover for songbirds, migratory birds, bats, barred owls and red-tailed hawks. The plan calls for a removal of 125 trees.

Considering all the empty storefronts in Yorktown is it really necessary to move to a lot with so much environmental destruction? Surely there is another location for Atlantic to consider before they make this move and do irrevocable damage.

Sheila Schraier
Yorktown Heights