Democrats Have Failed to Take State’s Crime Wave Seriously

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What will it take for Gov. Hochul and the Democrats in Albany to finally acknowledge that cashless bail is threatening the safety of every citizen and visitor of New York State? Not only is it threatening our safety, but in doing so, it is stifling all hope for a prosperous rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have seen and read of horrible episodes all across New York City where career criminals are allowed back on the streets, and only hours later, victimize more people – even killing them.

But it is not just in New York City. We are seeing terrible crime and violence pour into the suburbs. In the past two weeks we have seen a senseless murder of a father visiting his child at Marist College. We have seen a crazed gunman open fire at a pizzeria in Fishkill. We have seen a high-speed car chase, originating from another crime in Manhattan, speed through Yorktown and end in Putnam Valley thanks to good police work. We have seen the Albany County District Attorney, a Democrat, lambast Gov. Hochul and Albany lawmakers for their utter failure to correct the disastrous cashless bail policies. We now have former governor David Paterson saying he has never felt so unsafe in New York City.

Now, this past weekend, we had a shooting outside of the home of Lee Zeldin, candidate for New York governor. How many terrible terrifying examples and calls for change do we need before our so-called leaders act?

Clearly the Democrats in charge would rather choose to save their political backsides than protect all of us. It is time we throw the bums out. I urge you to vote for the Republican ticket: Lee Zeldin, Mike Lawler, Gina Arena and Matt Slater. 

Frank Garcia

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