Democratic D.A. Candidate Should Be Embarrassed Over Campaign Tactics

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When I carried designating petitions for Westchester County District Attorney candidate William Wagstaff this past March, I was confident that no matter the result of the upcoming June 25 primary, I would gladly cast my vote for the elected Democrat come November.

Not anymore. Not since his opponent, Susan Cacace, and her campaign launched a baseless lawsuit filed by the father of her campaign manager, a retired judge endorsed by the Right to Life Party, in an attempt to remove Mr. Wagstaff from the ballot. Had she been successful, it would have disenfranchised the 6,000-plus voters who signed his petitions.

The request to remove Mr. Wagstaff from the ballot was denied by the Board of Elections, followed by the state Supreme Court ruling in his favor dismissing the allegations.

Shame on Cacace and her team for employing bottom-dweller tactics. As a member of the Democratic Party as well as my local Democratic committee, I find it embarrassing that she is the party’s endorsed candidate. There are standards one must meet to earn an endorsement. Cacace falls way below the bar.

Early voting for the Democratic primary is June 15-23, and Election Day is June 25. William Wagstaff has earned my vote. He’s a Democrat who not only possesses experience and vision, but the moral fortitude consistent with the values our party should be embracing, and certainly ones we can all be proud of.

Elise-Ann Konstantin
Cortlandt Manor

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