Dedicating Park to Jean Craighead George Was a Special Moment

On Oct. 10, we welcomed Jean Craighead George Park into the Town of New Castle Park family. We were joined by her children Craig, Luke and Twig George and many of her neighbors, friends and colleagues.

Parks have a unique way of connecting people to both one another and to nature. Jean lived up the hill from the park, her backyard touches mine, and I am proud of the work I did to kick off this project.   

Today, it is still rare to see parks dedicated to women. Central Park did not get its first statue of a woman until 2019. New Castle took a great step to honor our neighbor, an award-winning author and conservationist, who taught us to appreciate and protect the natural world.     

A group of dedicated volunteers has begun the work of removing invasive vines. The New Castle Department of Recreation & Parks has joined the effort and has brought out the big trucks that have accelerated the work.

However, there is still lots of work to be done. If you would like to get involved or follow the project, please join our Facebook Page at

Jen Bounds
Jen Bounds is a Democratic candidate for New Castle Town Board.


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