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DAS Auto and Truck, Mahopac

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John Recchia and John Fiore both like to say they think with the same brain.

As co-owners of DAS Auto and Truck in Mahopac, the first cousins are able to mesh in the best possible way that’s led them to early success at their new location only open for about a month. The store, located very visibly along Route 6 and specializes in auto parts and jeep and truck accessories, separates itself from other competing auto stores, Fiore said. This is the second DAS Auto Recchia and Fiore own; their first one is located in Yorktown, which opened three years ago.

“We’ll do any auto part you need, but we’re above and beyond,” Fiore said. “We’re just different… people just love the store.”

Fiore, a Lincolndale resident, previously owned an auto store in Yonkers, but moved up to Yorktown and he and Recchia immersed themselves in that store. Then Fiore wanted to shoot to open a second location, though Recchia was more hesitant at first.

“We just saw an opportunity, this great location from the street and we’re bringing something to Mahopac they don’t have,” Fiore said. A grand opening is expected at the end of September.

Before Fiore got into auto parts, he worked in the restaurant and bar business for 25 years and still does consulting on the side. He believes much like the food service industry, it’s important to make customers at the auto store feel comfortable when making a purchase.

While some family members refuse to go into business together because it could lead to possibly strained relationships, Fiore said he and Recchia get along great.

“We always put our heads together over a nice meal and think about how we can be more successful and it works,” Fiore said.

Both Recchia and Fiore were interested in cars growing up and to this day it remains a hobby for the two men. Between the two of them, they’ve owned about 200 cars. (Fiore’s most prized car, which he still owns today, is a 1991 Testarossa in custom white.)

Recchia, who runs the Yorktown store, said he and Fiore have grown up together and it’s been a pleasure to partner with someone who is on the same page as you. Both men played with toy cars as boys, Recchia said.

“We can help you with all the generic stuff, but we’re also happy to go a step above and bring a real service, a real relationship and really help you with all the needs of your cars and trucks,” Recchia said.

DAS Auto and Truck is located at 288 Route 6 in Mahopac and also located at 373 Downing Street in Yorktown. Its phone number for the Mahopac store is 845-208-6235 and its number for the Yorktown store is 914-352-6127.


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