Cuomo Must Be Ousted for His Handling of Vaccines, State’s Finances

With a new president taking office last week and finally turning the page on a horrific year, we New Yorkers are stuck with perhaps the worst governor in the country. Everything done well is because of him and everything done wrong is someone else’s fault. Just blame Trump! We have a vaccine so let’s royally screw up the distribution of it. From Day One, the federal government left distribution up to the states. What a mistake. 

How can one man in Albany screw up distribution?

  1. Dictate everything. Bring no one from the other side of the aisle to even try to appear bipartisan, just dictate from your little bunker in Albany and go on your brother’s TV program and be lauded for what a great job he thinks you’re doing.
  2. Waste precious time because in your warped mind Trump cannot get any credit at all for the vaccine, so pompously announce that New York will not accept any vaccines approved by Washington until it undergoes vetting to ensure that it’s safe and effective. What a crock. Has anyone found out what Cuomo’s minions did with this so-called state testing? Have the results of King Cuomo’s independent testing ever been made public? Or was it even done? Don’t hold your breath; grandstanding never comes with any follow-up disclosure.
  3. Cuomo’s single greatest fear is having an immigrant or person of color coming out of a facility after getting the vaccine and claiming a white person got in and vaccinated 15 minutes sooner or that they didn’t have to wait as long because of some imagined privilege.

His insanity carries over to closing thousands of New York City restaurants and other businesses for little or no reason at all. I was in Florida and saw how the press tortured a governor simply because he kept his state open, and everyone is getting vaccinated “in due course,” not because of their nationality or skin color or political affiliation. Florida didn’t run up billions in deficits. Nor did Florida cities burn all summer. Who’s kidding whom?

This sad-sack excuse for a governor literally begs someone – ANYONE – to step up and run against Cuomo when his term is over.

Now, watch the fiscal blame game begin. Cuomo’s bankrupted our great state and demands Washington bail us out. Without transparency (let’s start with the nursing home deaths) and accountability, from the guy who demands accountability from everyone else, he ducks and hides from his own culpability.

So what can we do? Find someone willing to run in opposition and support him or her. If I cannot find someone, I’ll just run myself. No joke! He cannot be re-elected based on his record and this doomsday duo of incompetence – Cuomo and DeBlasio – who have ruined this state. Don’t believe me? Just travel to Florida, North Dakota or any southern state.

Frank A. Catalina
Shrub Oak