Creating Sewer District in Somers was Always About More Tax Revenue

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I watched the Somers Town Board Meeting on November 12th and the Supervisor announced that the Somers Sewer District vote did not pass. They mentioned that they would not be bringing back any more proposals and I find this rather odd if this was truly about saving our lakes and improving water quality. There are other options that can be done and now they brush their hands of it all. This just goes to show you when politicians have an agenda they will say anything to get it pushed through, hence the hiring of a PR Firm. We have said right along it was not about our septics or lakes, it was about generating more tax revenue and more development.

There’s no reason why an aeration system could not have been put into Shenorock Lake once the Town took ownership of it a few years ago. Instead the Town Board spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies and reports on something the people didn’t want. They didn’t want the residents to vote or be included and it’s pretty sad that residents had to ask for a vote and petition for it and spend their hard earned money doing mailers. Why not clean up the lake and dredge it? I guess they can’t because they have spent all of our taxpayer money on this deceitful sewer plan. When a plan is done incorrectly, intentionally leaving off a clubhouse right on the lake, you know something is not right. The Town Board was most definitely working with these pro-sewer residents to push their agenda. That’s why they created a website with one of the Councilman to try and make it look legitimate.

Westchester County has a program that will pay for a resident to get a new septic system if they have a failing system, and it’s not with the $10 Million from the East of the Hudson. More to come on that.  Why hasn’t our Supervisor told everyone about this program? I bet it’s because the number of failing systems are close to zero.

Marie Tomasetti,

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