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Coyote Den Discovered on Pleasantville Property

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Pleasantville residents were advised to remain on alert after a coyote den with pups was discovered Friday morning on Washington Avenue between Grandview Avenue and Hillview Drive.

Pleasantville police instructed residents to take the appropriate precautions should they come into contact with the animals.

With the den located on private property, police said they are assisting the homeowner by providing contact information for trappers.

“At this point, because they are wild animals and the den is on private property, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to handle it,” Police Chief Erik Grutzner said.

It is believed the pups have been habituating there for a few days, he said.

The village advised residents not to feed coyotes and to make garbage inaccessible to them and other animals. Residents should refrain from leaving pets unsupervised outside. Potential food sources should also be eliminated, including the removal of birdseed from feeders and cleaning up seeds and spillage.

If a resident comes into contact with a coyote, village officials advised to be aggressive in behavior, standing tall with arms out to appear large. If the coyote lingers for too long, make loud noises, wave your arms and throw sticks or other objects.

In the event of an emergency, residents should contact Pleasantville police or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regional office for assistance.






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